Etymology of SoulFunds:

A different aspect to financial freedom.




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Take charge of your life because no one is going to do it for you. You have to go out & just do it. If it’s a passion, dream, endeavor, or goal but there is something holding you back I’ve learned that stepping back to learn more about the self can help!

°•Financial-Freedom & is it °•Cliche’?

All in perspective of course!

What if you were one who strives towards your won financial freedom yet continually feel there to be a blockage of how to get there & that is where SoulFunds comes in.
 Existing on a plain of conscious & subconscious does financial freedom feel to be a matter in which struggles to stand on its own wobbled entanglement due to finding that one push in how to get there?
SoulFunds starts with funding yourself with the worth you deserve. Is it not true that if we don’t fund our soul with love how will be know our worth?
Better yet how will we know which steps to take in reaching towards our own financial freedom if we don’t know how to love ourselves?
SoulFunds pertains a form of its own financial freedom from within before looking out & in that way can be satisfied with what it is you do want. Not all financial freedom is about material wealth but ya best believe you can get there once you fully feel comfortable within your own being.
An essence of who you are which is what makes you… well YOU!  
When we are in our purest nature it can create an authentic bliss.
It starts with funding your soul with love. It starts with your own way in doing so.
I’m hoping with SoulFundsBlog it will open up you’re hear by knowing their are abstract lessons in life which may be an advantage in learning yourself if you are one who feels like ‘ya don’t belong or struggle to find clarity with being okay with the self.
 That we are our own unique & when willing to open up can create an abundance of wealth within itself.
To remember you will get there whatever phase in life you’re in & which ever path you choose because in my opinion the real freedom is financially funding your own soul by knowing your worth.
You are worthy. Thank You!

 Here you will find random posts about past experiences & visual art!
As time goes by you may see the blog change around a bit as I am molding it into a space sharing some abstract shit. lol 

 Being one who rather be behind the scenes it took a lot of push from the self in sharing my writings & art. 

I will only hope you find peace in viewing it.




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