My ma birthed a baby (me) and between my father and her, got the privilege to choose a name.
When we are all born we are all (the majority) gets slapped with an identity given in numbers called the social security number. I understand that I am “property” like a damn object but at least I get a title to the name Nichole.
Love on days that are good and Qi-Gong cussing at inanimate objects on shittee days.

My name is Nichole and I don’t know about you but I sure as heck feel THEE era of CHAOS we currently reside in.
It was about 3 years ago when a multitude of passions within a few subjects were boiling its way outta every pore of my being.
After a Ding ding ding & an Epiphany of angelic harmonic bells rang my essence to clarity;
“I will go to school for archaeology and be my own boss by starting a cleaning biz and blog.”
Internally and outwardly: maybe grouped as one Being among-st a branche(s) of an unorthodoxical Cogneesh•ish wiring since birth, I felt their was something within our world not quite as it should be.
Hard headed trials and errors & life chapters of pure stubbornness is what it took for me in order to evolve. Evolve to a level that would start fulfilling my thirst for inner-truth instead of truth.

Inner-truth instead of truth~>This is due to the fact that truth constantly changes because one persons perception of truth may be completely different to another. If two people were to witness an exact event given within the exact time, I can guarantee you that both stories will not be the same.

I currently have a small cleaning business, in a field school for archaeology, and in the midst of launching my main blog.
Nope! I am not wealthy with triangular green papers. I am actually living on a very tiny budget. But in time I feel I will reach true SoulFunds.
Never be afraid to fulfill your passion(s). Because isn’t that what we are all ultimately here on earth to do?
Much Love,

Nichole at SoulFunds

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an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.


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