Heart is Key


Today marks a very interesting current of vents. 




For anyone who does not know me my name is Nichole. Pastey with a set of

baby blues my internals are filled with Hues of Rays. Rays in wich (Lite) are currently

being filtered through by best of current abilities; intent to vibrationALi Glow-Brite all.



A Bang* A Boom* A Bing* A Ping* A Song* A Sing*



(honestly just remember woman respond neg to bitch? so was like then I will Grace that word w/ positives & Love~all she wrote!)

Bitch wtf!



Gracefull @ Core Value







Makes Cents.






Notes of







Nods of

Good shit 









                                                                                                                                                                            U r Beautifull








The Death & Rebirth from a bitc…Pastey-Red-Heads view of pointy shit

It’s dawned a Day & sum shitt-uh Nights. 

Hm. I may have to fix the font to the font being used right now in the case it doesn’t show uP. O’mind all Good!

Now that’s in the ether & out I am going to vent some shit about sum in-betweeners during processes of Age 2020 Generational X like

Ehhhh-yuH! OoOoH-wuH! AhHh~

Just realeyezed something… So Generational X? so is that part of the WaVe of Narc Lites & Lotto Star-Seeds being Guided by detaching & reAlligning to the current Patternized future Generations? Cuzzuh that one just pinged corally. Hm.


Goofiness Aside…


As a Passionate as Fuhk writer I’ve decided to start back up on blog-posts as a form of Equalizing OutLets in High Hopes that may be beneficial comforts to others experience-receiving-resonances of multidimensional shit.

June 24 (2+4=6) Age 2020 (2+2=4) 6+4=10

Wow cool! Today is a 10 day. We are all 10! Hurry to the Hip after Feet for grounding. 1 whole being indeed & naturally karmic sew it sure did hit me with a waP! I’m being very serious. ***correction it’s an 8 day now being 06/25/2020





Multidimensional Awareness shit did the whole WTF! Yoda! & a O Shit! Plus more 6 months ago’ish or sew. 

It’s like sharing a layered cake with word decor & a candle for an element lotta us call Fire. hm. Respects on that note & only Good Vibes sent in addition to a sincere apology about the Bang Boom Bing! Luckily a bit after that I unlocked True Ping & New Songs to Sing. Truly.

An ever beating internal GPS I call Passionately blind yet not cuz clue 2 clue; unlocks sum New Super Crazy Respected Shit(?) If this sounds familiar I’m in early stages. Learning how to balance emotions by WiLL. Each of us granted WiLL by Birth Rite! Yes, to me it’s THAT SERIOUS! World is in much need for ScaLey rhythms.

34-years-young & a thankfull  happy 1b single Mother raising two beautiful girls & loving her son as equal who lives with my Ma (Love You). Up to this point in my life… I’m confused as fuhk, Sad, ThankFuLL, & Optimistically Stubborn in an intense as fuhk form. It’s beautiful in its natural-odd ways in my mind because age 33 unlocked -> Seriousness to thy health-> if I don’t use my natural intensities towards my passion -> Art & World Peace by sum Scaley balances of sorts, which Natural Law currently is weaving being that it is inevitably frealz… 


… I would’ve wheeled backwards & who knows? maybe stuck being gas lighted or sum shit. Luckily Nope! Not from here on out. In other words I learned a Huge Lesson. No blame just expressional truths by rite. Yes Truly. It’s intensely deep for me. Did I mention I’m an only child? hm. Either way I’m a bit rusty. It’s been sum years sense I’ve Floetically flowed trancey~dancey finger-hands-on keyboard shit (mixed shit-> Bad & Good blended balance stuff), all that.


It’s a blessing to not feel alone though. That is what remains deeply real. It’s as if the WaVe of the 2020 generation were divinely guided to break like a Life-Death and like a fractured mirror broken into so many beaver dam pieces ya body literally is like on a stiff board with 10 swords in the back ALL WHILE knowing it’s not a blame yet an energetic can’t die & doing everything ya can by core heart from premonitional mind-crapping & RainBowTearing like a water fall that don’t have a right turn off handle thru the dumbfounded drooling face expressions rolling …not even rolling on the floor cuz body stiff like fuhk.  it’s crazy. 


regardless of how it may be… mind set I had was like sooo different then how it came off. I knew core intent good & didn’t know the shit that would come with however I’m starting to inner-see a bit more. I am all about self love however their is a huge feel internally to not let others down who are also WaVe riding like a Warrior. Ya! ya Fuhking rite dude. Lot of work & draining as … man!


A fuhk load of Lite Healers have each been thru their hell on Earth with a deep story to share as well. So I tend to tell myself to get it together because their is much more to be ThankFuLL to. Remembering who we each are is a big deal. Huge! like Gigantoriffic shit.


Running from it which I was a Pro… Feeling others Pain to an extremity during weather of pollution everywhere to Now where it’s a challenge however a challenge worth every bit of a drop of dreams. It’s a feeling that is in the veins since birth & words just don’t express it in FuLL.


Started out as fuhk it I know my fuhking worth & their are people who inspire me deeply & sew on. It’s like Okayyy! I know my worth so then what? Whelp Law of attraction from my understanding is put yourself out there & healthier shit will come. Okay! Then it Lite flashed clear on Bigger Picture. Chaos & the World & Seeing its Cleanse all while being a Noob (yes seriously). 


Moon Sun orbit living, dimensions, Seeing veils from filtering thru, taking in a lot of confusion, dead in the bed on a metaphorical rest & recharge cuz shit got even more real,  feeling dire need of responsibilities, Circle tables, Leaders of equal Lite, unique characteristics within, colorful Lites, & way more, & knowing force on force is merely physical shit being played out by ignorance of internal healing living in a World w/ Creatures (Creators) n human form & sum not! 


Back to remembering we are the creators & fear can go have a dust fog to golden transmutations. Erasing personal history was a laugh at first like that is nuts! Then Energy work opened its eye & said it must be done regaurdless of how much you care. This makes room for real DNA repatterning to take it’s course.


Especially if we want racism to stop! Like Sew Fuhking Serious! It blows my mind because we are all mixed inside. Yes! dude the example of how a black person mite of been white or yellow or green most previous lives or a white person yellow green or black. I respect what I came here with because it would be a disgrace to myself to dis a tone of my own skin. Deeply is why I Love all Tones & I only think in terms of internal energy. 

 Aware-Humor can be Healthy while Rebirthing from Death is not a joke. 


I’m going to end it on this note now that I’m swimming writing warm uPs~<333

‘Being Ur-self is a beautiful quality.

Even if we don’t always know who we are, to-be as authentic & respecting self first is okay


anger doesn’t always have to be attached to the moment of showing others

who you are.






an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.


Nichole · 08/08/2020 at 2:34 pm

Aw Wow! Thank You. 🙂

Nichole · 08/21/2020 at 1:15 am

Thank You Deeply~ truly Appreciative 🙂 <3

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