Meta-Physically Meta-Morphing











Driven Dial-eckos or Duh-Vine Dreaming

An Old-New; • internal & external….

A-re-NEW-ALL Ancient


is Power.



  • Color: blue (MerriWinkle)
  • Numbers: 07/03/2020•07/04/2020•07/07/2020
  • Form: Free-Style (writing)     ~~
  • 4-Purpose: Healthy Out-Letting 4 Recording experiences of Living Death meshed with Living Alive Events  ♥  May it Open Daleth (door) 4 Others Who Resonate the LanGO 4 we all resonate to our own way of understanding in presence to an equal soup of plethora —-> DooKeYs
  • Reasoning: CuP FiLLers —> Whoop! Whoop!’n (a Cheerleader) an internal Gear Turning Vibe Sews  May it Stead-Pace externally to Radiate Joy by Living in the Moment.  it’s Not a Fast Driven Course However Worth While to Notice (You are Worthy)♥

Crazy• This ShizZo°

Gr-attitude seems more like a foreign yet Worth-it-KIND-uh attitude in my openion.  Honesty is my core suit by default-line;  has taken many pocket mirrors to Die Down shit that oppose purpose etc. ♥


*****Many Moments (hrs)*****


dimensional den-Cities of the growing’ness; Sewing mental stretches like an arm-strong (biologic positioning of internal-national shapes) is quiet an energetic Gymnastics inspired by what is yet to be clearly formulated in   toobuLurr’s ….yoda! Okay Super Weirdo Shit? Weird is Good. twice around the circle & I wonder if … direction was left now I think about it… Kinda like how I feel we should never get stuck in the Lite because of our Shadow buddy who by tune, has been ignored far too long. 


Lost & Found Joy of Listening to Others


Stir⋅etch-o-sizing Radius

The Joy of Listening to our Unique by rite Brothers & Sisters of all qualities & shapes unique by rite; unlocking what once use to be Glowing & Open & which once came in a form of natural sway.

Dude! I use to be like a Master in my mind when it came to The Joy of Listening to Others.  And my intent was just that! It feels great to know that I know, I hear You, & We all need to be heard in sum form of sumthing(bad forms good forms like ends with good …ends with good by a mix of both. ya know Hueman stuff lol) !

I have had such an emotional slippery grasp here lately. Respectfully impeccable (haha not) yet stubbornly fixed degrees of wtf I can dig it!. 

Open-Mind-Hearted curiosities of the Hue-MAN mind is → Current stage in all this as we all have our own set up in how we view our ideas~>concept to procepts & word(s) resonance ping ~>  continues guiding to provide us its GPS of ~> No or Yes or Ah or uw!  

Beautifull Strength~<333

Dude, So the complex I live in has people move in and move out all the time. When people move in you can feel there energy. Ya know like when in a movie or something an old couple  is looking out a window like eh! Something is odd with … nah couldn’t be. And the Hubby be like sit yo ass down, Your gonna start something out of nothing. Yet the Wife be like I know my senses dear! Husband than shakes his head like fuhk while hiding a positive grin behind the paper he’s reading… 

Then it’s like it makes One question as to why & maybe Tips for Self Love & healing inner Child may be of some help. Real shit. Not to say I don’t have my own shit. 

Looking back,

I probably weirded some peepers out man. Like I was saying Hi Welcome! & it came out in a weird way. I think because the Authentic ReeLz of meaning it from the Heart was taken as a foreign thing? That is what I picked uP. Which makes it even all the more fuhky. Like dam though, I know we are better than that unless you are voluntarily in the un-Aware of Knowing….

Vibe-Life Path Positionings of Forces that can or may Oppose another Life Path Positioning. Kinda like a Thank You for Motivationals & reminding me I’m on the Rite Path! Love You! Real Shit. Your Beautifull & damit your Spice is awesome.

Wiredo shit•Birth rite shit•I come in Peace♥

JUST, don’t nasty fuhk with my Vibe because that is like breaking  energetic rules of personal boundaries. Laws of organics & personal space.

Being attacked comes with defenders for natural causes of self border shit.

Proof reading & did a whole wtf Nichole! fuhk it.

I giggled so it’s got to be healthy! & That is a huge part of my

purpose is to spread Love & Humor



Learning to Cover the body with Feather Shield Long Coats is def a learning experience. 

Tribes•Wave Riders•fLITE FlYers•Which ever word fits your fancy Age 2020 & who are helping others spread Good Vibes & my wtf expression towards a small fraction of it. #Honest


I send Love, Space Hugs, & Kindness. I understand though. It’s nothing new. It’s always


..YOU WHITE BITCH! (b for Beautifull yes you are) at first. Yes I can be bitchy. white?  NoPers  →  I’m Pastey yet not cuz ya can’t copy and paste what is original nature however I will change the word to Glow in the Dark lite for now or until shit fuhking changes.

I understand the LanGO like some inner core satisfying beautifull strong as fuhk force & other LanGO’s too. 

Like dam b/c I have really tried bout every way thus far in trying to liten it uP. However It’s as if I signed something that clearly is like ~> “Yes bitch! Stone throwers hurt like WAH & Sting ur Own TaiL expanding 8 … Then usually after that it milds down. I’m quite resiliented in sprouting.  3 Life-Deaths I believe. I’m Luckily on my 3rd. Thank God! It means I know me very very very weLL. My next alliance in life will be a breather man b/c it’s truly about ReNewal & Rebirths. Fuhking Finally! Dam Rite! Ya know how hard energy wuhrk is? And I know many of you do so ya know. woof! 

Cuzz-uh …. I’m Tired of BuLLies.

(I Love BuLLS dude. talkin bout the Oppositionals in respects to it all!it’s cool man I only love O’s .Something about Circles is a euphoric high for me. #TruStory since birth #Philosophical #Filters with Heart)

BuLLies who get a rise off of lowering others b/c of blind shit or giving down  to be up like it don’t work that way, smh. or dimensional peepers working under “contract”‘ behind-fake-cover can be an aspect to ponder upon while not letting it become anything but an Air Observation during the Filtering. 

From Dust to Golden shit

I’m deeply WiRed to be like, “Fuhk that shit yo. or dam Yoda!”

(I know man. shit is fuhking like wtf. it’s cool tho. your shit is safe with me. in Other words I keep it  PG 13. I reNeWed my vales of contract in deep sincereness towards the mentors who are like Legendary dude #Energy #Wurhk is …well. it’s energy. )


We may not see eye to another eye….or agree to disagree. or agree to agree. or ya know…


 Actual actualities…. Regaurdless, It’s more so of

well dam. Ya know, We as HUE-mans of who come with different cool-kinda-similar-scary-stuff.

If we are all trying to be better by learning ourselves for purposes of smoother connections by realizing DNA genetic nature burn off’s grow a New Strand of future serious generational shit; i(s very important to me.) It may be a Great idea to truly focus upon. And if not cool too. 

I do know,

I will always…

ALways!  approach You in-Peace as an ALI even if your position is of the oppositional’ O Hellerifical unkinda shit.  (who the fuhk am i dude … it’s like my hands automatically are typing words never heard of before yet internally ping something. It may not for others however … nm …moving forward.)

ALL Lives Matter 


Painting Stone with Hearts & I Love You by Heart

Ya know, it hurts when being attacked. Especially when parts is based on (Unstick it)stuck patterning. We all have it. I got sum gunk from sum of my past ancestors (Love You Ancestors) & sum being residual past toxins & sum being of my own allowing & habitual no-no’s~> which don’t Core to my Current Life Vibe man. I know what thoughts are mine & which are not & sometimes…. I don’t!

It gets tricky-sticky @ times (good thing Time is but an illusion etc.)


Thank You! Real ShizZo man. 4 teaching me to be stronger. I am always here showing Heart by also reminding myself & others ~>Love your Dark shit man.

By #Experience & Beams man. Fuhking Beams! It’s beautifull in respects to the rawness of heart filled expression.

a KeY;  to show that change of – to + perspective is Healthy as fuhk.

Also Serious for me to ether this out~> I manipulate my Own mind. Not Yours. Your Mind is Your Mind &

Dam Fuhking Rite Dude! Dam Fuhking Rite.  




*****6:06 Sunny Saturn~Day Night*****

Out-Letting is fuhking Healthy.

(Okay Ni-KaLi. okay! stop being bitchy & come merge with me rite now. Shit is serious man)


4th of July! Fuhk Yeah dude.  

It’s been a hell of a week man. Deep as if stuck in a position of observing uploads & downloads.

KIND-uh like a reminder of eh bitch! Remember who you are?

then was like ummm (oHmmm) 

Beautiful sounds much sweeter like a beautiful bitch. Okay I’m only being silly. It’s truly okay as in I Love You N-T-Ways. bU just feels rite. 




*****10:34 am Sunny Tues~Day (Mars Day)*****

Today being Mars Day/Night I want to

give a Soft Shout Out to aLL the

Zodiacal Sun Symbols (or signs)

who have Mars placements. Love YaLL! 


 Calmer wAvEs.


I have come to a clarity within. Not only Shadow Session Sit-downs or lay-downs. Haha… kinda rig•or•mort•is’see. In a Shell of sorts to also Energy across the way ….It has been ~> It was me being in my own head feeling internal & external energy of stuff & refracting or Reflecting .

(Dude, Fuhk Yeah! cuz it told confusion to b Clear-it-ee 

Shadow Sessions? Yurpal! ~> Shadow Sessions. 

I do Sit-Downs & Biological Stand uPPers with my Best friend & Her name is

°•->  Ni-KaLi (Shadow-Self). ♥

All in respects…

to being inn-touch with a metamorphical view-inn;

Deeply Deathy (Dark SouL Nights)  reminiscence of essence I can totally relate to. 

HopeFuLLY this may be a resonating print & if not cool too.

I will share much more when I share more Posts. For now I want to share a technique I use in Shadow Work. It’s Simple yes. Deep & Dark yes. & Worth it? Dam Rite!


***** From my earlier OutLet Share; ThankfuLLy now that the energies have toned down in radius to where my Sacred Space is, I am thankfuLL & will make something super clear in mild tone asides reflection upon.

I feel Strongly that it takes a short bit for others to authentically understand my wacky positioning in life. (Venting to the ethers)

A couple days ago, I summed it up to being a mix of energies. Internal & external in a mix of AHHHH Fog!

Now that lotta Fog as dissipated 😉 , It was an External Energy leaking into mine & Aura of frustration was picked uP from across the way which I know had to of been an intense strong who the fuhk is this bitch kinda feel.

Being that I live in a nice apt complex & not many Glow in the Dark crayons.

I prefer it that way though because oddly enough for a Glow in the Dark as myself, I am too rythmattic & unorthodox to fit in a group of “doing it the right way with grammar, college, etc.”

I truly have respect for it tho! I do.

Because I do not have a Degree, I have attended a community College & put in an outrageous amount of time & energy between a short period of Life!  Self-motivational back-Patt-earn Like Dam Rite. I did that! Confidence to Profidence fuh-sure.

Unfortunately, many go to school & either are Lost, Confused, Over Worked, Stuck in a Loop only to find out later on in life that was not their core purpose, Love what they do & don’t care to deep dive, Love what they do & do that shit,


Love what they do while being blind to an over all systemattic magical multi-dimensional world of Door Opening Opportunities.  

I guess it was the Life Skills & confidence it provided me. Thanks!

Laws of Organics Age 2020 Birth Rites

ReeL Law of Nature & Wuhrking its Finest Filters…

 can provide earnings beyond Ones comprehension by tapping into your Unique-EquaL Authentic Degree of Positioning.

Viewpoints & Love.   (O & I did (Thank God) earn  a couple DeGrees…It’s called Universe University) <~Side Tracked



Venting it Out is just Healthy

Growing up/uP, I’ve Always Felt Out of Place & was made to feel Stupid. Not a blame or nothing close to that, naw! b/c… haha, I was confused my dam self! Like I-uh-don’t wanna Earth Dense it anymore YO! Fuhk this! AHHHH etc.  because of how my Nature Views Life. 

Firm Believer in how their is…

NOPE  ~>   Kuh-Winky-Dinkers/Blinkers.

Choices, WiLLS, Cause to thee effects & Paths that wind-turn-waves may bring One to an exacto destinate.

& maybe reminding us in detail of why Our Soul/Spirit densed here for if not remembered while here. 

I do believe that because of Choices & WiLL we ignore our internal Voice (Source or God or whatever the Fuhk You call it cuz that is what matters in my opinion *We all have a free Choice*)

 fitting in because heckles! I’m a walking flash lite dude. Then it was like YES! OMG! I feel like I finally fit in somewhere with beats man & Nope I learned the hard way with Mad Honor man~> where I felt comfortable the most, it has always been a fuhk load of tests I had to Pass to be accepted by genetically cool shit I presume…

I’m not scared of anyone so that was a woof. My resilience has always been of coinage…

   I’m Tired; Energetic Gossips, Hate (don’t eat H’s . it will only make your home fall) which usually turns into an understanding after a longer while than I would’ve Hoped four due to re-patterning bio-code so all the crayon Heat can be like ANeW! 




∇   One   Δ

Hoo° •     VibeS  ° •  

GraceFuLL•°GImOr’iSH•°  GLoW•°





Now; to Being You in Currents ♥

 Sending Lotto Lotto Lotto Lotto Organic Love,

Nichole @ SoulFunds Humor

aRound Circle


With Love & Good Shit~<333

Readers Note:

(If You don’t understand what I wrote then it’s Okay. It’s Not You. I’m also working on explaining my mind in more relatable ways. Warming back uP to it. It’s been Long Time sense I’ve taken my Passion to Writing Serious again. It was & is a #Calling) 





an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.

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