August 02o20




•*Venting Month Past & OutlettinG it.

You are Welcome to read it or not.

~Ether way, it’s Cool Man. <333





I Come in Peace


uh~baG of Hearts. 

I Know Your Se….. No jk. I Honestly Have no clue.  I Know We are All going to B okaY. Different World, different sPheres & a lot of odd Occurrences. 

If you made it past that bit!

oh yeah,

We Will be Thriving HueMans w/ Balances like Never Before.

New You? Activate it by WuHrkin Energies & ya Dam SkiP within ur Own Tune.

Though, it is Honest.

Do I like it? whelp! It’s neutral. I’m going with this Font.


~NoW that I have Purple Tiger Ninja Ice crack circled with bubble nail….

 G(r)o(w)ing to get str8 to thee Point(s) of Sites I’m Seeing from the PinG-uh-dinG-uh-linG 2 the Visuals from my Whole Beaver Dam(& Outside too) mind of wtf. bubbles 2!

Current weather; I like the wuHrd bubbles man.

Life ain’t spose to be jolly ranchers skipping a Ha. Gotta have the La involved somewhere in between. It’s Okay to Freak Out. I do it all the time. There are many times when I don’t.

Humor~<3 is a Genius Recipe out of the ManY that their are. I’m Pro~Flow & following the intincts. I would ignore them like many times. I don’t Now. I think I was trying to be Aware so dam much I skidded a few. I wanna ride on the Hover Board now. I’ll be back.


back (15-20 min. I am still sitting in the Chair & it’s cool because Sun Time was aWesome. Gently whiPPed the the binawks out & Seen Birds, DraGon Flies, & Clouds. It was trulY astonisHing.

Sometimes Shit HertZ.

It is what it is……

I’m saying the forgetting why we birth here & from where the fuhk …. It’s mind boggling & sometimes it isn’t. I Sincere it, receiving clear site within areas I was not clear as to before.

So basically the matter We Splew Out like SlaG’ Vibes from Sound Tones & the VibrationaL Swiggle-Shag Around. The way our tones vibrate with Air when we speak. Chords resonate or swiggle dance as a ….I dare say whole….


Feels of its Releasing.

Achording to my Nature (using as an exmaple for what I’m referring to here) in terms of EnerGY, thee amount of Love a Day & Nite is Givin Yes & can only be givin in amounts corresponding to biological survival as to be able to Give more. or yurP. Naw I’m Good! <~> Not going to Give in Spaces where the Return is – although it’s All Love. Something I learned almost 3 years Back. & it’s all Good.

Always loved Art. It’s like a voice in an Ear flicking on the noggin like Weather in Time.  We All are. I’m jus sayin man. Understandings Y we Each were Created. I drinked/drink a bubble cuP cosmo with it as a Pour sum of my CuP into Yours when energetically okie dokie.. 🙂



it’s a (HueMan thing) real shit




ConFused w/ ProFused~> ConFused Shit gives Clarity 4 ProFused Feeling.

Thank You.  Love You too (it’s Tru ya-know)

Current Times in Our Lives 20•20 Whoop! Whoop!

Did I already Mention I am no Longer who I use to be? & will Never be that again? Seems there are more accusations based on wtfuckee false narratives than there is Straight-uP truth. I admire Ones who Keep it Real to there Funk of Fair-uh-Mones.

I admit resistance is a thing We all do while at the same time it be like o wow. & that’s Okay! Honest.

I feel like I was intentionally put to sleep for like wayyy Longer than I should’ve been. It’s not a blame. Nah. As much as some may want it to be b/c of fuHked uP wiring that can be repatterned to self-love if worked on…. Do know I Love You ReGaurdLess. Workin on my Patterning as Well as I type.

I’m Minding Back to the beginning of Phase~> Dark SouL Nights & at the same time doin an-odd-Head-tilt of wtf o yeah? w/ Heart that being a so-called Topic of Discussion must mean a couple things. It’s all Good.

External Forces can be a Bitch (bitch can b beautiFuLL 2). It’s Life. If ya take it to Heart, it must be a Great One! (say whaaaa? N.K. shit)

Fairy fly buzzin….


If We Focused on bettering ourselves there would be Less Ha (although Ha is Good etc.) & more La. Less harmfuLL intent & more attention to thy self by thy self. Less weight, More Lite. Looking externally won’t really get cha anywhere & I know this by experience. I may not be where I want to be at rite now However at the same time I am.


All that Matters. & much More.

I feel that when a-Patterning has happened for so long it becomes sticky when Toe’ing out that thing. It’s like a whole fat Toe is stuck in Tar. rat? O God I would Hope not my Friend. B the BeautiFuLL Heart that You have. If not cool too. Just-uh, makes sense in my mind.

Seems your still reading it so eh? Y complain then? I just don’t get it. Truly I don’t. I do Feel it tho. Imagining a Woman with a Cloth around her eYes & two kinda long sticks pointing out directing Her with her Bigger gps & it Vibrates. Got A LOt of Hearts Floating out & behind Her.

Because it Feels Naturally Good man.

It Feels Naturally Good.

*****I’m Venting- Critic is tuggin at your Ear like a side tracked not good thing***** I already have a couple Posts that I will be Sending Out in relation to my writing. It will be in more detail with rhyme, slime, & climb. No Lime. Although it’s like dam okay cool whatever & a whole like since the WaH. Yes.

I sincerely type that because I do See sum shit & it’s enough to scroll past it like O. okay. Love You N T ways.

Being tru 2 Yourself;

What is really being yourself? Well 4 me, it’s being & saying what I feel at that giving, during, or within the Current Space-time Vibratory setting of resonated connections etc.

Resl shit.

ya Never Know whatcha gone get (smh with Heart) with me. O Now? I’m Woke. Woke enough to Feel the Sea. Woke enough to know that shit was FuHked down. Woke Enough to See thru You. Woke Enough to remind you that it’s Okay & if it don’t stop I will Stand from my Office chair & be like But Y? Love You. Bye. Woke enough to be like Let’s SpiraL that ShiZzO uP! Woke enough to know how retarded appearances can portray although sewed w/ PreSissioned Love, Anger, Heart, Passion, Awkwardness, Weird, & all that. Is it a brag? Nada.

I like Real Shit & I couldn’t Live with myself if not being myself in each moment.


 Sweet, Sour, Soar, & Surprizing.  Tongue I’ve bit a couple times when eating food (not people ew. Eh man whatever floats ya boat! I love Plants) at Home. It be like Beaver Dam! Ouch. Roll uP~inhale & blow out.


I’m not Angry. I’m Polar Crazy. Super. Muah…. Bored?

I was.

Not so much anymore. I’ve Found the sweet spot again (mature-mirror no….FuHk….nada mirror) <~O yeah! omg omg omg omg.

Super Important. Yes! Thank You Spirit. uh huh. YurP. I heard ya Loud & Sum what clear. 😉

Come swim with me to my Abyss for a few & if not it’s Okay. I totally can Dig your Feels if your uncomfortable. Then Stop Reading this. Love You too. <33333

Woman & Male or Male & Woman or Male & Male or Woman & Woman. all Equal in my Woah-duh Mind.


Ya know what I See & what Bothers my FuHking Mind like Y? I’m going to Type it rite now & Mentally Word it by Feels of Reelness. Raw? or waR? or Wonderful Art Rounds. – to a + . Okay my Sincere, Back to the Topic….

When it comes to Men & Woman….Not the left & rite brain Topic rite now but whole Man & a whole Woman….

DeeP shit.

I feel with the Men when Woman ( I Love all Woman & if ya knew me like that you would know I’m too Kind) ….

when Woman walk around with booty cheek or boob or an Aura of Come Fuhk me or Chase me so I can Use you for Money or ya name it! I think it gives Men the Wrong impression & it creates lack of Respect that the Woman is truly trying to gravitate within.

It then can create scenarios where in all actuality Men Need to be Heard. Like Seriously. They need to be All the WaY Heard (I’ve been known this so chika-wika-wow-wow~>  It’s like really tho? was being a listener & what? Too Good to be Tru? Was under the impression it was spose to be like that cuz we all Feel <3)

Like All the WaY.

There seems to be a missing Aspect within Men that corrupts there Divine Femine Nature & Thank God So Many Have Activated it & are Doing Great!

I all the way pretty much know why too. From a spherical Ray of organic intel knwing it’s only a sliver to a bigger pie being that U only Fully know U.

& it’s Okay!

We are all Spose to be Equilibriumed Inn & Out with Hues of ColorFuLL RaYs. It’s phenominal. TruLY. Those WuHrds give the Body a Swiggle Brain Dance of Delite. 

And Woman Want Love too. It’s more of a Failed way to gain attention & then it get all Cycled Weird & creates Patterning that when Aware can be Recycled & ReNeWed. We all have that Rite & Cape-A-bility.

Men are afraid to Dance out of the Closet too. Bare with me or don’t because I truly mean this with Kindness & Heart…. I’m Pro~EveryOne Loving themselves & being Honest with thy Self. If your not Honest with thy self by Acting within it, it will turn FakeY Nada~WaKeY while feeling all LakeY. 

So many of us are Raised by A Parent Figure, weather it be Biologically or Not. It doesn’t make you who you are. You make who you are. Never be Afraid to remember that. If the Parent Figure does not understand your Positioning in Life (we All have a Purpoe weather we know it or not~> True)

If One (we are all Ones in my mind because that shit is Rite man. hahaha . Yes. its FuHking rite. Thank You N.K.! Please blend back in with Lite Now b/c I Control myself. yeah I know. I’m Super Weird. U too? High FuHking 10 Dude. Your Not? High FuHking 10 Dude.)

Years of Holding in who you really are while hiding it due to Fears of abandonment or whatever the Case may be if it resonates, then You Are only Stagging the Shagging.

Although many Experiences are yet in the Air or Ether, FuhK Load of Experiences have had their already so I know where I am stemming from with this. Do know that. I don’t mind being Blunt. Typing of…. Nite Herbal Meds Trancey Dancey Stancey Snakey WaveY Allure of Nature.

okay! so why did we all just go thru a WaVe of Break-Downs & Seperations from Ones. I can tell ya my angle. Believe it or don’t butt-uh Organic Law was like :-o) this sum bull shit (Thank You by the way Mr. Artist for the Bull Push ~>poP a Bitch uP & Bubble shot Her 2 Her original Coordinates <3 Dam Rite! Left to Rite …. I know. Thank You & Love You)

this sum bull shit Organic Law whispered. So it seems there is a WaVe of SolitudaL Soul/Spirits with True Heart Learning Ourselves to either be Blended in more Peace Actions with current Partner/Alliance or to be PrePared with One. Shit is Deep man & the more Denial the more Hertz. & Hertz can go so many ways. #Automatic #Flow

12:58 Noonish

Instead of lashing back out at Men Maybe being an OwL in a Tree can help visualize taking Self out the Scenario by knowing it’s not You that they are shooting at, it’s the Ethers of Confusion & Pain & by being an Ear, can do Wonders. What Confuses it while already ProFusing it by left-Rite is the fact that even that seems to be unbelievable! It saddens me.

Yes! There are Actually Many Woman who are MagnifiCo at Listening to Others & what may seem like triggers are merely a response of Heartfull understanding. If that is not understood then Love be like cew! & Movin to the Keep On. No attachments. (it’s Okay. I can See why & yeah. Makes sense. Never title or label someone you don’t offically know tho)

Woman~> who Cover uP there bodies more have my FuLL Respects of Sincere Awesomeness. I’m not saying cover uP because another said so. FuHk that. Dress 4 Yourself. If a Boob hanging out is your thang by all means do that shit but don’t be bitching like a wtf when Men Chase You & You don’t get the Loving You desire at the same dam time. Your BeautiFuLL as You are man.

Men~> Need to be Heard more than Ever Rite now. 20♥20. It be like dam tho. Was Only Listening by resonate understanding. Like Dam! my bad I’m not going to apollogize yet already & do take full responsibility for myself.  Shows how Deep & Serious the shit is tho. We all get entangled into or around it at some Point I presume. 🙂 #resonance

Men who are into Men~> Do that shit! If it’s your Nature it should be Okay. So FuHking Serious Words can only show a glimpse of its Aura. Men who are into Woman too. Don’t be Afraid to Vibe towards your Dreams. We all have our Visions.

Take Responsibility for your Actions by any Form in connection to your Being. They all differ & that! is FuHking Genius by beats & didgeridoos. & Sax (Love you Grand-Pa who is Playing his Sax Resting in Peacefull Waves… Dam Rite I look-uP to the Fact that he was a Band instructor at the College of William & Mary for Years!  It’s the Music! Musical Family 4-sure)

If Family, Partner, or Parents don’t understand your Positioning in Life, they ain’t spose to. Cuz they are not You. Live in Finding your Own Shoe Size w/ Original Style instead of Copying or losing faith by trying to prove another that You can be what They want you to be. It’s unhealthy to say the least. (Not-uh subliminal 4 it’s shit I see all the time & thankfully I also don’t at the same time. It’s Observationally outterestingly something. Yeah!)

If* You are in a Position where you feel like you have to Prove Yourself to People who may of been there during phases of your Life than there is somthing wrong with that. For Example(s) (this may not resonate so please igmore if it doesn’t)

  1. Do You Control what You do or do Others
  2. & if so Where (core) , Why, & How did it devolve to that weather it be co-dependency or hidden attachements or Worry. TRUST THE PROCESS & Stepping out of Comfort Zones is a Must!
  3. If Others (in Generals. u know wat I’m sayin lol. ) are not Happy with You in where or what you are swimming, floating, or flying …. if it was me I do a whole ReeL Love You & Skip-On & if there is externally some wtf shit….That’s when it gets Weird. Especially when Beamy Balances have been Worked thru like Never before. I do this so-uh …. It’s all Love & not a better than. Nah. being myself is always typed about like automatic Both-Hand-fingers. (I do this for me first b/c self-Filler uP! Cosmo style<~> okay N.K. we heard ya man.)  then why keep Cycling the same down shit. Y? Your Better than that. Your FuHking You! See the Good in that. 😉
  4. Following Your Value of ProVided Traits in Connection to Your Heart
  5. Are You Happy in your Current Living Space-time?
  6. Remember! If it’s not for Your Betterment than let it be & ReLease it. It’s Okay to Cry. Dudes! When I say I’m a Pro at Crying, I truly am. Cry when I’m Sad, Happy, Joy, & so much more. It’s my Super Power. I know rite. lol. Let the Cloud of Weight Rain into your Ponds of Pure shit to thy best Beat of a Drum OutLet as One can man. Drip by Drip to your Own Tune. Many won’t like seeing You Happy. Yeah I know I thought it was Foreign & Odd my Darn Self but Many More will Love what You are Doing because in the Backround within there Own Awesome Space, They will See you Braved it by Pre-Paving it regaurdless of Fear. We all Fear something I would think! Love always Shines Thru tho. Passion. 4 me it’s Art! Naturally Euphorics at its Best of Self-attunement. Love You N.K. or chinnamasta! no jk. kinda? I dunno man…
  7. ReNeWaL~<33333
  8. ReBirth~<3333

TruLY, it’s Dark Lite Gimor Grace

Yes I can also Hear Outter Voices like the Winds they come in with. Some are Gimor to the world of under & some of Grace from a pivotal View of Points that Raise Hues within Wave Lengths of inevitable Change. 

I Finally Chose to Love Both & Continue to Show Love by Auto~Flow. Honestly Knew Loving Art would WiLL my WheeL in Position 2 Now. Preminitionally so.

I’m not sure bout all that extra shit butt-uh I can dig it! Triggering? then Go inside my friend. Look inside. You are Loved. 

Never Change the things about yourself that are opposite to the things that PumP your Soar to Dawning Horizons.

I can not make myself more Clear. Well, I can. Okay If You can’t do your Day to Nite from Day to Nite with at least some Flow then there is a Blockage & I know how those feel dude.

External Forces will-never unVeil 2 PreVeil if ya get my drift…. If not then External Forces who intentionally cause drama because that is the only fix that fills em is truly a Sadness of Deeper shit & it should be Wise to be Aware of it & understand to trust your internals because it’s not for you to Fix. They have to Fix that within themselves.

& if they are here as – oppositionals then the more the better! It’s a Thank You for creating Strength in Others Lives. Don’t get boggled down by it though. 4 what? That’s Your Life Force not theres. Haters & Naggers & Falsitites stem from….well there aint no stem cuz shit aint Natures way of planting Good Seeds. #Auto-Flow

I am going to make a Post along side the many other Posts already created ready to SHare in Due time & it will be in more detail in connection towards Both Sexes as a whole & how I view some things from my angle. #DooKeY

4-Now? Toobulars & OutLetting can be a Healthy antidote.




an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.


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