• I am going to Add more of my Essays that I wrote.

Never-thought I’d be showing them like this or at all for that matter.

I’m Thankfull 2 show Others B/c Ya Never know?

You May Enjoy them. Love You~














Toobular After-Effects



Graded; This was my Finished Essay I did sum years back. It’s crazy because I did not realize at that time, yet doing it the whole time too, that Writing & Art would be my inhales & exhales for real! Internal Pull. loud & clear Now.

While Peering Back & When PodCasting became a Cool thing for everyone a few Gentleman I Heart-depth remember, (who r Awesome! & ~Genius) ….before I Off Trail too much, I would love to be curtious by not saying there names however I will say this…. okay I was so about to say a cheesy coded way. However …. haha. K! Heard ya! Thanx! <3 real shit….

Paranormal Radio Show that is still Awesome today & another Gentleman who is still going Strong! FuHk yeah dude! Like a Yoga-Pose-Relax-Listen Matt Chillin while thinking Super Rad! b/c Great Guests.

Okay! Before I say too much…. Nada, I know the limit Yall (Y 4 two lite uPs &

All as in All.) ~<333

I may have days where weather is down & days where weather is uP. See*^*, if One is striving to always be HappY, it just don’t work that way. I understood & understand that. My thing is this…. whatever a thing is now I thing about it….

It’s a Whole New Reality all together when One (& Ones who have gone through there Own experiences in there WakeY wAkE Own kinda WaY; may resonate)

“Wake the FuHk uP dude!” & I added, “uhhhh. How Long this shannanogains been shannanogainin?” (the name Shannon is BeautiFuLL in my mind real shit, I’m jus saying. Where did that come from N T ways? hm. )

 How Long? Too Long? nah.

Firm form believer All Happens in/out Course of its inevi(round)-table Gear of Gearin man.

It’s more of an inner Knowing words can’t fully create reGaurdLess of Love & Words Dancing . It’s an Inner Knowing thing Well Within my Bio-dome of Water & Waves.

Woke uP the other Morning & said, “well AiN’T (silent ~Tuh) this-uh-biotch.

Nah, I don’t think about who will like me or not. I honestly don’t have time for that nor the energy. I was however like WTF! I gotta Grind & Gear this shit man.

Cycle; This Last One really did its nature number on-uh Gal.

I was not listening to me. I would constantly say it out loud in my vehicle that I KNOW! I KNOW! damit I know! but! then more energy I drained from thy self.

I’m Thankfull that this Round of Life breathing like a Death-o-Notical L~iVe-LY Kind-uh-GaL, I was able to truly learn my awareness by slowing the FuHk down instead of being on Super Charge wtf! 

I’ve always been Hyper-Active since Birth & the whole out the Womb speech bubble word FUHK! 

My thing is…. & it could be because it’s Saddens me, it Motivates me,  it Confuses me & Most of All inspires me~ all at the same dam time…. & that is the People I look uP to. Both Standing Of course because I believe everyone should stand vs someone bowHLinG to someone else. naw fuhk that. Aint rite in my mind. I’m sayin when Lookin uP at Giants man. (well earned by work they put in so there energy is Star~Fused.  -Seriously)

Seriousness is bout to be the same as always yet in more depth rite now…. #Rainbowtear DeeP shit. So Yes, I can fully feel ‘With’ you from planets away in Hopes that You will resonate in OverStanding , was gonna say understanding but ya know….


I do not live in anothers World howlever after the Past 3 years of learning myself sum more, I learned a FuHK load of internals. Still diggin 4 sum-shit. It’s mind boggling at times because I know there are some who seem to know waY more than I do in connection to it all.

I Found my Remember button with the word Worth in Neon letters on it. It was shiny glow in the dark awesome & I mean that Kindly With Heart. I said, ” Would I hang out with myself if I was not me?” ~> “Dam Rite! I know I’m cool man.”  (for the very few who really know me will know I have never thought to be better than anyone EVER! I look at others as Equals.)( I LOVE entertaining Others.) Yet! I also realized deep shit. & it saddened me. I can’t Trust many! Cuz a bitch (beautifull. yes seriously) sum times b trying to attack undercover.

Ya! I already knew. Bored & needed friends linked w/ the sometimes thru shit in my life. It is what it is. I already knew man. I let it slide until my preminitionals meditated & Actionated 2 Course~~~> Time to cut all ties all the WAY & Grow uP Phase 30’s learn yo dam self~ it’s crazy & at the same time I rather keep it real than nada.

If You truly See, You’ll See I’m always Honest. Always. Use to be Too Honest for my Own good some would say. I said, Well…. It don’t rub rite in the tum tum belly o bell when I make fibs or false narrativitoes by justificational self mind screws. o! & I know how to do that because my Nature naturally is mentally chaotic Artistic however I never did do that towards others 4 bout 20 years. I would shut down & wine to my Ma like a Brat? no….shit…. I’m nadarat…. hm. Brahht. Only child Extra Sensory Oddling. 

I have not been like that for Years. I Love You Ma. Speak-typing of, I just thought about it! (I type as I flow. I don’t do spells on people or – harmful kinda shit. Not sure Y I am typing that rite now however the flow I assume. I was like dam if anyOne thinks that, rest assured haha. I am bubbly flow just-uh Trust it as it goes kinda Nature. I don’t have energy to Ride my Heart Bike off of a cliff. Naw I’m Good Good on that One! & if I ever do again? Imma Lay it the fuHk out. Rigomortis stiff breathing etc.  ha!  Metamorph & on my 3rd Round so I know how the shit goes. This One tho? OMG! omg. all I’m saying. ha. DeadALiVe.)

I have not been like that for Years. I Love You Ma. Speak-typing of, I just thought about it! ~~~~> I am always hearing Others be like OMG! like O…M…G! She don’t know what it’s like to grow uP this way or that way or It’s becaues she has a Mother & I don’t etc.  Look or don’t, however if ya gonna Look Please know that I may not Agree with your way of thinking & that I feel with you man. Not for you. With You. 8 ~ 

My Mind Wires be like…. Whelp! Gosh I have said this more times than I was Hoping to but seems rePatterning …. 

We make our Own CHoices. When we make a Choice, We have an Outcome. The Choice of Acts & its Causals can equate to Lower Vibrations within the Body or it can Equate More towards Higher Vibrationals. 

Knowing thy self Well. Learning & Still on the already &! Having a Strong Mind. Thank God! Shit. It’s like We don’t think about the Pain & the almost died omg this is sucky kinda situations when One is not going thru those feels, yet when We or You or I am going thru those feels it’s during those times when You truly See People for who they Really Are & more kinda shit.

Now? O yeah I learned to never ignore those Feels because for me it calms me back into melodic notes dancing slower rythmns by Stillness & WATER! 

Also I have this incredible Super Natural Ability that Glows in the Dark (I LOVE DARK! & LITE! my bad…. got carried away by its Awesomeness~> Dark & Lite) & is like a walking antenna for Others E~MoshinsSs (had to) okay! Thank YOU NK! dam. okay so (not sewing anything but flowing like a two hands on a type type well aw b darned! no jk. really tho. I am about All & Everything of more Peace, Love, Dark~Lite Balances, etc. Higher Vibe shit while also knowing Low Vibe Dance Shadow work balances too. it’s complicated yet simple. It’s cwazey.

YurP i totally Off Trailed. shit. So have you ever met anyone who always complains, or justifies shit for sake of winning at everything, talks shit behind your back, downers, trashers, bullies, haters, etc. Yet the reality is there is a Beautiful Child inside them who is in need of attention & love. Or it could be DIVINE Feminin or Divine Maninin (energetics of our Natures when we Act internally upon both forces it can balance the body out in healthier ways. I’m a Woman from Toe 2 Head who is only romantically into Men. Either way it is all Love in Who You Love. Pro~all that.

I’ve also got A lot of Manly traits tho. Always into Sports & I love playing Competitive Games Ownly in a Fun both sides understand kinda way. Like going to the YMCA man. Solo & Team player Sports I naturally understand.

Had (keyword had) more Man force activated than my Divine Fem because dude. The Nurturing internal myself was in Dier Need of Healing. For Years! I have done Well in Healing Her to where it is Activated 4 sure & sum. cew!

Seeing there are many Men who are struggling. Weather ya believe or not is not my mind & what I say is what it is man.


Truly just-uh wanted to Send YOU LOVE! & THAT YOU ARE INSPIRATIONAL MEN!  Dam rite.  sheesh~ 😉

Okay, so check it or don’t however if Your into Men & your a Man or a Woman & into Woman. For 1 there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! BE HAPPY BY BEING YOU! or Happier. yes.

Men it seems like have lost another side to themselves that is of Dual Nature & Vital to Ones being. It’s the Emotionally Deep Feely Feel Out loud Stuff. Divine Fem is calling Your name or which ever Word(s) Vibe. Yes, I Vibe with that understanding amongst many. I’m mentally-typing about the its Energy, Not another Woman. Naw. The One already inside of You. haha. eh stop it. okay sowey. oh yeah ….I mean my bad. It’s all good….

It has Patterned So much Anger within & Fear to the point of an internal unheal to war like outter situational shit in the World for …. it was past due from my understanding. How that work? I dunno. So many questionS!  Woman Love ….Well I know I do…. Men who are not Afraid to Show there Divine Fem Side. It shows Strength & it’s FuHking Sexy Okay! it is. 

4 Woman it’s like the Sexy bot mixed with the Divine Male & it turned into some overly porno sexual parasitical (eh being honest man) overly independent Hard Head nada-emotional kinda person. It’s as if ….dangit. I was never into porn or into multiple Sex partners like that & I’m not calling anyone Names nor trash talking. I know it can be broken uP in multiple ways, howlever can totally relate to the independent hard headed non feely nurture kinda Woman. Weird too because there was a time when I was Younger I was cew with it.  I’ll just say I learned much! 


it’s a HUGE thing & will have to make another Seperate Post just On that! My Sincerities if I’ve already Lost your mental frame work of what I’m trying to image out for you or to resonate ya-Vibe with. 

Imma keep it short as to not write an Off Trail Novel Titled Off Trail….

Woman learning there Nurturing & Listening 4 real & Men learning there E-motional Feely Feel Side.


Starting with that & Honest, Serious-Deep, ya never know the Beauty of Duality it can Create. SPeCtrummm trum trum drum drummm Hummm.

Love You



an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.

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Nichole · 08/08/2020 at 8:38 pm

If You’re an Equal Part of the WaVe of Helping by being Woken Aware & Showing Love Guiding Others … Hi! My name is Nichole. Gently would Love 4 You to know that I see Your Beauty. Out & Inn. I WiLL Never Judge You by the Hue of Your Suit nor the Hues of your InTurns. Are You WiLLinG 2-do the same?

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