SonG: Yaima~Reservoir & 5 songs later by Awesome Musicians 





Warm uPs; mind jogging round-a-bout ideas~








Can’t even be mad.

Looking at it from as many angles as one can,  also thought to ask,



what is Your World of Wonder all about?

Is it such a multi-dimensional World of splits & hand stands that each of our own reality is connected to our own Roller Coasters, Attractions, & WiLLs?

Like are we all experiencing kinda the same thing here?

Are You seeing what I am seeing yet of course differential views & pointers? It feels like Odd Humor & a reality of many…. an incast to an outter World of feeling like I don’t quite fit somewhere….

It saddens at times yes, but  understanding the mechanics of its Naturality.

In retroscope, Acceptance with beats (drums) & Grace.

Sum-times a ‘crazy’ lady doing odd shit whilst positive ways to outlet the Anger.

The Anger can only stem from Self.


Yeah I feel it.

Being like AH! ya triggered me.

& it’s okay.

A Sincere Thank You All-the-Way!

Yeah, it Hurts. Failing 2 understand what its core give & take is 2 its opposing end in addition 2 underestanding Nature has – + beings by Superior Hues of-course.

 Knowing there r many Who Have thee  (like a Humm) Choice 2 Change towards ‘winning’ Evolutionary xperiences with Earth & Her Beautifull Scenories.


~lite-sigh-pause in realizing & knowing ~>  being vulnerable cums with! It sums w/ following your Inner Voice(s).

Ya know those moments when ya may be like, “I Should’Ve Listened to Myself! YyYyY Thooooww-uhh-ahhhh-o god…. FuHk. then that automatic switch-uh-dew-emotional change of ponder starting from within. 

….Whelp let’s Review this shit! It’s also the learning through it which is a Good thing because then it feels good to show Love & Open uP about Experiences in the form of Passion.

I admit it can be a little bit intense on the immensiteeeezizzzz….

Bare with me or don’t because its truly okay,  howlever from my angle of View;

as a Self-Motivation Out loud in essence to our being, Always Keep’n it 100% durrent each PLanetary Current of Event & the Approach is Always of Peace. If there is a constant nag then I do not think anyone thinks that would Feel Good in my ultiment opinion man & that is when ya gotta Defend Self. It’s not always such Weather. 

One Day 2b back around People to bubble talk shit with Heart  & where a bitch is at…no jk…being silly…. For me, Where I am at in my life,  my direction is Home-learning & Connection to Other Minds by Resonance. Remembering to Go with the Flow ReGaurdLess of Resistance.

 direction is Staying to thy self. It’s my Choice to & has no connection to any outter demands or nonsensical shit like that.  Dam Rite. <~> Sounds like a Lefty to the All Ritey balance 0 do U on ya Own beat kinda thing. (Sorry. yeah. She uhhh . it’s complicated.

Howlever the Thank You is nada-robot.

Always Exciting! Honest.

don’t mind it.

at times it can ‘look’ like something oddly strange…. (?) Not sure.

Allz One does knows is,

 2b herself, 2boat her flow, & 2Words Con(Pro)trasting with Art.

(sometimes it b like dang, only following thee internals my Friend 🙂

Guides One in Odd Ways.

As is….

Your Story of Equilibrium as Well I believe.

changing clothes


Trusting; Weather Flows

Have You ever felt bullied in your life? 


Was there ever something you felt that could not quite be sounded into words ownly to speech the tunes outwardly?

Has there ever been blockages in mental frags that seem to keep you from or have kept you from reaching Your Hand Loving or Mind Loving or Heck, Body Loving thing?

I would like to tune type ….lol…. being silly here…. I would like to add sum oddities & liter notes to something in connection with question such as those. or as what it is. It just is….

Simplicity in the form of momentary breaths~<3

(Allriite allriite ALLlriiTE! fogged out all good & a Thank You. Writers Brain has said hello in Positive WaVeSs. o thank god. eh, learning it as it goes man. Loud & you)


Well alritey!

Back to the Lite’r weight of things.  

Being picked on comes in many forms too.

Shit hurts.

I do not feel like anyOne likes the idea nor the feeling of being talked about in a harmful or falsey accusational tone or way. 

Understanding;  its not about the person & depthfully wound(s) needing love & attention that I know if One truly wants to heal it can do it.

Because it can only be done by thee self & only the self. It really is easy to get trapped into thinking others can do it for us. I know for me I was caught in a cycle of it during times of my life between gaps. I didn’t think I was either.

It took a lot of energy work & internal binoculars to find the core cause of it & many sessions. 

Figured eh? it can’t hurt rite? Well it can’t hurt to give it a Go if already hurting or in need of searching for sometihng ot heal yet don’t know where to even start.  

Ya may Vibe with it. It’s all good either way because its like as long as One does the work they find there own map & tools custom style. Whoop! Whoop! my bad. I got excited man. 

-Seems We are in a Period of Renaissance ∧∨



an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.


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