pressed Play & began  2 Write


Feeling deeply, not the only one feeling the Curent on and off tensities the current planetary rythmns & … maybe a bit of the blues.

all in achord tho. all in achord.

See it’s cool too I think becuase for intance Bloggers; so there was/is this like unwritten trend I picked up with sum years back. Back when blogging was & yes, is in my opinion, very awesome. ~> Being Artsy while outletting it.

It creates a glimpse of an image in the noggin of how feeLee scenarios are truly a word of depth & the curiousness of their in depthness reflections of …. Well,  Being a Writer. ya.

Not just talking about Best Sellers or GiaGantoes. I’m referring to all who plain ol’ love to Write. Ya know those understandings circles or People with similar self attractions (like a pull) towards similar interests.

confession; their are times when I tend to feel like a lil bitch & it is motivating to know that ya know what, if they knowingly or unknowingly space ninja leaned it towards….

towards realizing their is another set of realities (?) & truly in tune 2 what science may term multi-dimensional, is of a magic~mind~bending thing. depth of sorrow to it & in the second breath or first one, there is also something else functioning. I feel it is phase learn the tuning of the body(?) or maybe something in essence to it.

Maybe not. Maybe not at all. As to not drag this out by sheer tuning, I would like to note it as a Positive.

The Thank God for Motivating & Heros to sum…. Like Yourselves.

Well,  All~riTe~ALrite! okaY DokaY then….~!

Moving Forward in a Honest & learning kinda way. yes.


Had to do a couple sneak offs today. Funny story so it may lift the spirits.

WaWa at 10.


& a feeling like your in a super duper sci-fi reality or more so learning the World of Source~ery Like a Source to a Flame or a Lite to a candle or Your Flame to Your Heart etc. & there seems to always be a New lesson One after the Other After the other after the other ….

Yes,  sum shittuh ‘Games’ of Life, and an Aspecting towards ~>Knowing. was going to say Seeing. ironically a blind fold & a birth souvenir….

Hopping on the previous trail, my daughter & I were geared up & She had her scarf around the face.

It’s Good to be able to breath so its works well. It’s all in being certious.  Honest.

Didn’t know how it was going to go.

Mother said, eh Daughter, this is the game plan…. We are grabbing this that this , maybe that & round about back to it!

Let’s GO!

She now knows the way. They made it out driving back Home perplexed an odd frame of mind.

Nite driving is awesome & at the same time the planet Uranus & Mercury are doing a dance. Uranus can be a bit dizzy & Mercury of Changes.

Good Head dancing 4 figure  

They pulled into the complex &

The plan was pre-geared.

Thinking in bliss towards the idea of rolling sum spirit herbals while meditating.

What felt like an odd timing(?) of swoop break then groove swoop break shit….

 an Oblong car pulls rite behind a Jeep Boat 1 ft. from its bumper where the oblong shaped car groove swoops & breaks.

No biggie & all good. Nothing to an extreme unless omg I would hope not ya dam rite. sheesh. like sheeshy weeshy washy why oh no not why but washy yonky honk honk nada & nap.

In the Driver side mirror by instinct ya see a teenage boy driving. o, okay cool. Due to being bout 4 ft away She naturally heard them loudly yet quietly talking.

Bare with me.

They were dropping off a co-worker who had hopped out of the car & then stood outside of the car. shootin shit back and forth. I get it. It’s actually releavingly awesome.

It’s a matter of who ya vent shit with tho. Im not gonna shoot you. I will keep it my Will to Gracefully expand my mind & transmute it in a way of a more Positive outlook.

Any Hoot,

Her Jeep Boat windows were quarter rolled down both in front.  Also the breezy of just finishing the Herbal roll.

& All-of-uh-Sudden

-+ She felt a tone roll swing it’s way to Jeep Boat Drivers Side Window!

The body did half survival torso thing & an internal FuHk!

 Knowing it’s all love so it was like well okay cool.

So then, Dude outside, & I’m sure he is a Very Nice Gentleman so only lite humor 4 sure. That’s what internalized .

10 minutes past & a whole trine teenage convo, Either way, Daughter had already gone inside while Mother was doing an Awkward body-tune-learning experiment.

Did a technique of the eye movements.

It was becoming quite clear….

One of the Gentleman who was standing outside the Car seemed like a Good Guy as well as the other two;

It was an uncomfortable & confusing 10x 2 minutes of dang a Gal wants to smoke her Spirit Herb & talk to plants & the glowing nite sky scenory. & if its a Clear Nite she can catch a drip of clarity usually coming in a form of knowledge tucked in a nook or cranny somewhere in there.

It’s Life transforming to say the least.


while not a Sarcasmic note,

a Humble & to the point!


It was layed out.

(the plan)

turned into an odd energetic move attempt & a whole mind switcheroo core defense mecho (I use to be defensively over weight & always open at the same time so I changed my diet) 


a self reflect wtf & a breach!? hm. o it was that. yet a calm hm.

swing sliding straight to, it was the ‘wanting of attention’ & understandable when people want attention from others. It’s natural. There is also Mellow grooves too. Now I am not an expert nor will I try to persuade anyone of the rite or wrong way of something. ProUrVibeKindaWay.  Humor & Kindness~

They may have done a cool move & grabbed a stone b/c they were not getting the response aggressively aimed fo~> & Maybe put it in a hand made trine launcher & rubber banned it towards me.

She said FuHk this shit & survival in-tune-Aware-Voice-Yellp-kiked-a-gear & gently opened…. ~>

face expression

of sum puzzlement. ~>

5 ft. behind her was Trine & Driver door *gently yet surely *opened & Jeep Boat Lite turning on.

leaning her head slowly to the rite while lifting her rite hand in gesture to say silent & fast Hi!

Kind Face doing the oopsie or wtf okay turned body with head towards Front Door walking in planted Trees Shadow Leaves covering the whole left side 4her 8 ft (Im only guessing) apart from Jeep Boat.

Well there was a 3 footer prior to that from the Street Lites & a short hop jump keep it walking up the cement slope to the walk way from the round about. If that makes image man. or in tune.

Never looked behind her yet felt an incredible feeling of puzzlement.

That’s nothing new ofcourse yet not quite old either. 😉 (Sending Love. Sent. Cew. Positive subliminal)

Walking up the steps She was in half trance & breaths.


She Had to Figure it Out my GOD!

MY GOD already!

no it wasn’t that.

Much Much deeper than that.


There was a little Voice saying eh!

Lesson time Whoop! Whoop! & to imagine her reaction….

“FuHk. wtf. hm. maybe. Nah. I dunno. hm. shit stop & feel with your body by turning the mind off.” <~>cycle of sorts.


1:20 AM(the moment of Off Trail Type uP)  Noted







See, the bothersum part…

Of course Now reflecting,

was the agressiveness.

My God, There is no need to Pull up Aura Blasting to close while a Woman is in her Vehicle & her Child is with her O hell naw but She was already in the Home.

Yes, I could See if it was a drop off kik shit for a sec or whatever. etc.

I understood its positioning & all that.

I’m not putting anyone down either.

 Young & seemed like Smart intelligent Felluhs. realz.

Its the too much by Aura pokin ( & I drive Outside all the time. It’s not a thing like that I’m just sayin man.) & breathing & omg like really? then it’s all good 2 already knew the diggity doing 2 the energetic switch up like a Woman in a Boat pulled home & an oblong big ass cool car pulls up smooth & groovy & sits there for….

had to of been an hr.


an hr.

 Peeped out my own window & saw Trio & 1 Outside Who was standing in the middle of the lot in Caution Zone with Jeep Boat. They were not bothering me so it was not Mama Mode time. Nah. It was bully’ish? I don’t want to use the word bully because I love Bulls.

 sucky FuHkin WuCkY!

keepin it 100 ~~~~> Curse & a Blessing are two words that have been noted & felt past 3 years.

 Got whole dialogues that play out. birth.

It’s the bogglement of fully Now understanding that there will be people who read your shit & why are they reading your shit if they trash talk it. I dunno. an Air element Critic? maybe. but then they can word things with dance regaurdless of – or + by keeping it real. hm.

First time Trio was pulled on me.

Since I’m being Kindly Honest I will add that I have had a Duet trine me in before. I still saw it yet tried to stay.

It’s all good.

It’s my Life & I’ll Cry if I want to.

The Younger Gentlemen are no Longer Parked rite outside my Door.

They seemed like Good People.

It was thee exact positioing of everything within that frame of space & the symbolics in which naturally stirred my feels & puzzlement.

Lessons seem to be a wise rt. to call it. 4 sure it was something.

2 Seeing~
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in-tune & writing


1:20 AM♥ (the moment of Off Trail Type uP)  2:14 AM

(Rainbowtearin rite now. I got a message & it pinged & said Damit!!! I don’t want to though. please know it will always be Remembered & Will keep Warrior Heart Style Alive & eh it’s all good. Shit is deep in my mind & not even knowing if I just did the rite thing or not. I feel profident in knowing I’ll learn the lesson. It’s the DaaaamiTs!!  & the FuHKs!! & the How is all this Connected Dammit. shit. then a Well AlrrritteY! Weather change & speaking of that is not an easy at all kinda thing to train the mind to do. That there are Ones who can Change there Whole Mood in authentic tune to their mind. LIke Grrr to Ahhh~

I do not know how that fully works as of yet. Just started to ponder on it now come to think of. Shit is literally programming your own mind to do shit to match em up yeah, & skip-uh-what? skip to the part where I am fascinated by its mechanics in GenerOwL’ ~ Owls.

Round things. An obsession I think. It’s a healthy One tho. To like the things we like. Trying to figure a good way of sorting that out rite now. It’s all love in my mind. sometimes a Woman or Man in the background echo screaming ~>NAh~UHHH ~> & then a really hurtful word of which ever is there tune. I’m not saying it’s always like that because my God. Honestly I thought it could be a good humor scene for comical relief.  


an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.


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