Scape Goat

A Lion Roaring like ya know what? 



Story Sharing

before set in stone

Nags-Head Trip W/ A Ma & Over a Weekend

an Off-Trail of Healthier-Tracks

While working to get a decent breather as to continue a healing process ,was sitting on none other than thee Nags Heads Sands.

Emergency breather & gobblings of salty air like a weird lady preventing pre-break down figuring out automobile assurance formulas;

 Breaking bread & telling you why ya don’t go trying to put false data into another or force someone to think a certain way by projecting ill intented thoughts because tracks are in circles.

Better to circle a way out than more in.

That way it may be less force being used during a break thru of an outter edge.

It leaves sticky residue and can cause….. stuff.

Better to circle your way in when a U is more legit.

Trust you intuition. All I can tell ya Man. Logicistal Data is beautiful. Retired.


Started kiking sand in the air like a soccer ball. Ha. Should’ve seen it(?) Halarious.

always Good terms with the sand of course!


Cosmos; Stirred nor Shaken only Lake’N & Love to Bacon.

& a Reminder….. You are Strong.

please always remember that.


Generally going to go ahead & say it.


Rainbow tears~>

When people fall for flies or to believe bits about others that lay in conflicting admiralities maybe because absently navigating from what we already know to be true.

So why attack such things when many are simply only trying to be of support?

Could be why bitches blossom. Then again, what ever works for you & is healthier when wearing overalls. 


Life shiz & good cups.


Not sure to what degree but def most intense morph yet.

Rite arm a micromorph & gatorade. 

 serious note tho,

  getting their! hell of a ride. & hee hove a dove like omg. 

Trying to aim pain towards others who are still in stages of healing or regenerating

At least make it a happy couch….

 Don’t we know ourselves best vs. another person knowing them better?

 Put in the work, you will get results.

Challenging to meld thru but breathing is def a positive. 


Mothers are very serious when it comes to their kids & wanting them to have a life of their own one day.





Bizzar Occurences & a Breathing Battle for Pushing Through 



 Silencing the Mind

can be a bitch to learn

                                                                 a provocation of sorts. Hurray

for testing alternative approaches.  Adventurous when learning something New.

Directions & a map in route with your inside vocals may be a well adjusted set of values

                                                                                                       to a hard drive beside its passenger seat.




felt like an autometric data-framing side-toss of

WTF & Glee.”

-SoulFunds Humor


For me, curiosity can get the best  while throwing in situations or scenarios that are best left alone.


Life throws us a-few lows & highs like a loppity-sided merciful repertoires of awe-inspiring events, as if it’s a test to remind the self to be persistant.

Never stop doing those things that donate your ability to grow. 

You are Never Alone.


The cool part?

What if it grants feasible feedback as a way to manifest wiser routes depending the profession.

Generally of course!

 Creators of our choosing & connections being a vital source of responsibility.

Living a more Independent Free Floating kinda Life style feel like wearing heals on ethical tile.

Looking outside of yourself doesn’t seem to be a good fixer for ongoing issues.

It’s like I love how your mind is differently acquanted in relevances.



Equipoise beams & a kart wheel lundge right foot dipper elegant swing round off back tuck twist turn land hand up pose.

Trust your intuition.

all I can tell ya man.

Stop blaming.

Has anyone ever tried to create false guilt trips of manipulations & drainage pain pokes? 

We all know something of value.


Why do we feel ‘alone’ during times between shiz when knowing we are actually never alone?

Well would love to tell ya from my angle.

People/Humans who have been through mental or physical abuse prolly know how this works as well.

Ending up to losing trust for people around us who may be only trying to show supportive heads uPitties b/c of past situations or fear of it happening again.

 There is nothing to ever be ashamed of!



Your Perfect as You are because You were Born.


Singing a Song…..


Love your Dark & Light Vybes.


Love your Worth.


We been here since Birth! 




Wheeling Wheels & Gearing Gears

Training In-turns Checking Inn at a Resort called~> The ReCharge;



Great method to Shake Old Leaves off

Nature’s Over~Lay Witheringly Sorrow

Underneath a Purer Tomorrow

Almost As If It Was Always There

Yet Hidden

In Handsome Winds of Dark & Fair

In Memorable Forms Near & Vast

May it One Day

Sheer in All Contrast 

  Beneficial Salubrious

Vibes Lets Hope!






Skeletons Bones.


to Suppose…..

Scented Bubbles

Streaming Fluids,


 Wild @)}~8Rose


Differentiation is Good!


Thank God (beaver-dam rite) 0! 



Contemplates; October Post Closure

When one preoccupies dealings with one set or more of foreign variables while naturally growing to current solidary functions,  wondering if an estimation adds validity when separate values of similar equations accept that each has its own core value of differential comcomitants.

wondering if it can bring vital points of angling.

Of course, in solidary <~Love the word!~>  units having an accurate set of thy own laws as if natural geometric decor provides fundamental answers in front of our vary eyes.

It’s one of those…..


Maybe in good conversation one Day or Night.