Hopping Hip Happenings & Creatures of Habitual Uniqueness,

(thought I heard someone say, “this lIttle bitch.” Moving back asap b/c it’s time.)



Have You ever toil~tottle-siked the self only to act out something which in actuality never suited best of interests or on-goings of attributed demotional wtfing as if ya know where to even start?

As if it felt contrary to a match-uh-watch by self-biplicities & temperance?.

Why is it when intense passion into projects…..

granted with given qualities, a cache of energy perching in neutral is waiting for a stir holding an originality pack & a side kik aroma named aroma?

It’s lively & arty.


knowing a bodies self absorption rate systematically; getting W/it best one(s)(U)(ynot) can & the neat depiction about it?

We are all doing it together.



Swoop copter style to pick up the stones that have been thrown & return it with love.



Half-Semi Circle IT!

To continue showing Heart…




From what was raked up…..

In general,

To ALWAYS BAT-BACK-BUBBLES & HEARTS~UP if attempts to ‘Take Away’ what has already been giving to you by default spending countless breaths around realms of connected stabilities because it can lead to messes of self-doubts when in all actuality?

For what?

Even if it becomes a Nuisance when trying to hold space for others; recharges & clarities may reach  poignant advantageous within our vary own nucleus’s.

Seeing is Believing.

Has anyone ever attempted to paint pictures about you to a ÚwM°PHuh degree & knew it was  ‘fraud’  or ‘larceny’?

 Like a combatant force to anothers internal crying strives of mitigating pains;  merely be wiser to premeditate acts of cause & effect?


to mildy explain.

When re-learning how to wear Woman Attire, thankfully been one (lol) so the Activation key will run okay.

Common threads seem to posture a fuhk load of soaks for a slim nickel.

Honest    Gratitudes

Do have a theory & it’s been riddling about like a squirming deva doing dances with a glitch of this & a restoration of that.

Bare with me if it’s okay.

Traversing Spews of over-running sparking home runs of tearing screams waiting to be tended to like an inner child asking for a grown ego with the younger self.

Adversity in a mix of culterlistic nuances has always naturally been appealing in some way shape or form because of being the giver type, don’t know if it’s more so of trying to attune or a bit of losing a self however wouldn’t it make Gold or Copper or Silver or Bronze for finding the common threads?

Reviewing shares while gaining momentum is a bitch but never a constant complaint while changing tides is a breather full of situations that always pass.

We All have a common thread of foundational strength within us all the time.

Jets & differente’ jingles & buckets of wheels rolling weaves of waves, wings & widgets.

Arn’t we here to say Hi to our Fears?

What would You stand for within yourself?

“the Earth/Gaia/Sophia is a specialized conglomerate of organisms”


 the contradictory appeal is actually more humbling when realizing it may be a Universal shout out from a a guiding overhead self generating across a bridge.

When it boils down to it? Nada dam person will save you. You have to go search it yourself.

 Because in my humble opinion,

Focusing on qualities of quantitites can have a more curve~side attraction.


Maybe a good Mantra?                                    →↓

ςelf  Motivation & 


Confidences Akin to

                                                                             Noble Amospheric Merits.


Sometimes thrusting towards another is usually a deeper cause within the self like a honestly blind befuddlement within its c. <~> forgot what was going to put their when returning to edit it.


As if the mind, body, & wtf bad ass awesome good become overtly apparent in leading orchestrations of ‘Newness’ or up to date.

 healthier remembering more simplistic ways as to know You Always Matter when the Strings Harp your Station.

& that should be good enough as a solid thought.