a Mix, a Toss, a Ponder, & everything out/or in-between bowls of Vapors & Elevated Endeavors to share Virages of aspects;

Amazing Feedback can provide relevant Data.

Accepted being a bitch. Anyone who knows well enough knows a bitch loves hard & maybe punts a ball in the air here & there. +

Happy Month of October




When it comes to Monthly posts;

 Monthly posts will officially be attributed to?  but for now?

soothing validationals & a space for venting.

Each Monthly Post has been more of a free~style or outlet so-to-speak w/ adding in sum correction to detail. true heals, & a grounds for comfort apart from those ‘occasional accidental float-by’s…..

Ha. Kinda like having a reunion wearing long coats depending the weather, atmospheres,  & after a couple of seconds,

“o fuhk.  my bad.  all is good! shaH-Woop.”


Recovery*, Learning*, & Hoping* others don’t Feel alone.


Ever felt a ‘habitual’ need to communicate while being in R* mode. Maybe knowing what the body can & can’t be around during those in-between L* periods & always alert when it comes to the bodies over all health. H*?


Alone? Nah