We all view things our own way so that is a plus.

Common threads. common threads.

While learning it wise is being less  can come with  qualities of showing love comes in many semblances. Accidentally snapping at someone when burping through a funk is natural.  To barge in on someone elses space by accident is one thing but if it comes from something else outside of who you are?  Now that is backwards. Why not be a Forward or Midfielder.  Wanted to touch on the subject because the shit happens when there are healthier way to & will leave it at that. Love You.


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Happy October!

Have a Safe & Bad Ass Good Halloween

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Since a Child,

Learning many Unique Customs?

dude, awesome.


Writing a post about a solo over Nite venture & how not knowing the body could bend in so many odd ways when trecking boulder scrambles thru Old Rag Valley. Happy pictures were taken b/c MAN! The Views are amazing there. Going to go back One Day but this time with a group of Friends or Family. Hiking alone over nite was cool. Was more on the look out for bears.



Let’s Ride~~~~~> WHOOP WHOOP!

Adventure Time








YFor my 3 beautiful children.



a Wise Teacher Once Shared


Take your InnurG back or regenerate that shiz.

Give-Take~Stance-Give~ vs. Take-Take-Run-Take-

Honesty vs. False

Growth vs. Wither

Looking Inn first vs. Looking Out first

Being You vs. Being Another 


I feel we are all a part of one another & threading its common attributes can be awesome vs. being something outside yourself because of how others want you to be…..

I, Nichole Oliver works only with energy/InnurG & Reasoning; I am not a trained or licensed therapist. Please consult with a Specialist if You Feel the Need. This post only strives to point some of the underlining issues that have caused more trouble then heals & am only providing you some view points pertaining to a couple topics. It may include topics related to physical &/or mental after-maths of being bullied, taken advantage of or abuse which can cause serious damage in good people when indeed you are always heard. Please know your strength is much stronger then it may seem at times & sometimes trusting it can go a long way.


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