Going to be like 100% in saying, would’ve sworn that it’s been 10/20 for the past week. Looked at todays date & was like well that’s weird. 

You are Hear breathing around magnificiant auras of wonders.

                                                                    That my friend?    (or not) is Awesome!







Believing in yourself while remembering to stay on track because 

Ouchee cover downs can be muddled into scenarios that aren’t relevant to who you are.

Better to be like my bad honest mistake etc.




5 Days Before;

 Y Zap? Less Yap. What Gap? Even Tap. Healthier Sap? Wiser Map. 



um, oHm….



never signed down for that!

Literally trying to gain enough energy (literally) as to figure out why sum styles appear as if it doesn’t match a ‘B~-U’ Mantra. It’s like, when sharing our creatie content is it smarter to keep the rest of a ‘B~-U’ quality in the background? & only share oomf with those few who deserve your time & energy? 

Why would another person be mad if another person chooses to stay to themselves? Ya, can totally understand if accidental upside down float-by lost  & found, my bad, all is Good! 

Living in our bodies natural auttunement with surround-sound & ya, totally agree if another has their own way of doing so.  


What in tarnation is going on here man!





& knowing it’s ?





it’s really because it’s something else that is the cause core.


Believing we are Worthy & Here for A Reason.


and if you can’t see it,

There are others who do.



Absorption Rates

the other day when out of sheer fly by & a pause of curiosity saw a Head Line titled something about a Dead Star & a Theory of Brightness & noggin tilted 1/4 into it.

Being a person whose self-esteem boat is imbued next to morally honest coordinating depositions,

remains aweing when viewed by a pointer. It calls for a good giggle & a lock box.

Organic hypnotic state of seduction to the eyes, preferrably Gold but Copper, Bronze, & Silver will do just perfect. Alchemy is like binary math with data points.

It’s Amazing