Absorption Rates

In counts of



& energetic renewals,

ya wouldn’t happen to be familar in trying to paddle warmer bass trebbles next to roots in a well sending flowery notes to quick sand that magically turned into cleaner streams of filtering water by any chance…..

 like minding an underwater mountain;

‘extracted-reel-toss’ my bad(?) all good(!) during mind altering periods….. ?

& hopefully in correct context to what I’m trying to say.

Please take it in smoothly because it’s never directed at you.

Poetry Vybes.



tingly~~~~~> She was never a chameleon!  (amazing creatures)


 Being pulled towards learning vital self realizations undertakes a gradient of agony to see bigger pictures more clearly while recieving mute data as if it was always within subataomic scales.

Like it was emerging from a place never realized yet once did?


Starting to wonder if Being the ‘self’ mixed with its passions for writing may of been missing an initial set of its proposed projections. Nah.

Chthonian skipped stones 5x & landed on a supernal diet for now.

 Potentally tuning with a fork ψ  small enough to stay in its space yet naturally connected Men & Women who drive their own uP-Lift.

Trash talking is for dumps while Cash talking is for herdling humps.