Feeling like a bit of beautiful dull black and white as this is a fabulous story of having a Central State of Mind.




Shenandoah Valley Hike


Have you ever emerged from a state of falling like where did that come from only to be contrary to anything in connection to who you are?

Hoping it can be heard in a way that is legit yet subtle because maybe never one to stick with anything until finding a route whether it’s making money, bettering the self or something else that can be beneficial for true growth?

An alternative to what once may of seemed like a hopeful defense only to realize the fighting was with oneself.

So the only alternative is to accept a change in perception while pushing through in light of a sunnier day.

If it doesn’t contrast, blend, or heartfully mend in the long run for any oddity maybe abstract lessons can be one from seeing the self as a little child, a teenager, to an adult.

This is for anyone who may be going through a slump & are finding ways to invest self love into the picture of your life.

While working a more tangible practical system as to form a better understood atmosphere for you after putting much work into the self, I hope to share to you some of my battles so you know your not alone while remembering it always will pass.


Random Giving

Culterlistic parameters for ‘shway’ & neigh.

Kinda like a ope!


Jump on a horse and trot gently.

 & the boots can well-fully root itself.

  How to add love with spices that have yet to be added is automatically felt from breathing air molecules, sharing wine (WAH!), & dancing in rhyme…

 In my opinion it’s about valid solidity vs. presumption-poses for if we are constantly changing never to be stuck in one bias when there is always a middle ground for change.

Reminds me as a child when saying,



at a park called Nut Tree in a suburban neighborhood on a swing set with an old neighborhood friend.

I’m sure you have some as well as they can carry some of the best memories & while creating new ones by adding an enlightened fire worth exploring.

For now just focusing on the self while not taking life’s beauty for granted because after all aren’t we all worth challenging the self to see our own worth?

It doesn’t mean come off extra or feel entitled to things that are only experienced when hard work is put into it.

It’s the humble factor that strokes into play & when seeing it as fighting our own demons may make it worth a comfort to live by.

Wouldn’t too much looking back pause a stable change for your life today?

It’s letting go of what all doesn’t fit & what fits as a better outlook in life.

& be satisfied for giving to the self.

To be continued…



an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.