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Gloves in the Street Before



Clean Earth

Cleaner Ideas

Always being passionate at depth levels surrounding anything that has to do with our Earth whether ya choose to call her Gaia or Sophia then cool!

Didn’t know an exact direction in its delivery however it has & will always be dedicated to a cleaner lifestyle & that comes with being mindful of our environment.

It also comes with a blunt attitude in caring for our planet. It was like a “DUH” moment while focusing on those truly cared about avenues.  There is nothing more one would love to do more than to continue being an advocate in trying to raise awareness by providing some thoughts that may add value to keeping our planet cleaner.


After a few hiccups, remorses, apologies, & my golly some good rejoices to come to a better solution for…

Ya know, connecting with the self again by finding what it deeply does that does the digger depth, deep-dive & survive thrive chill blossom catch up on whatcha know drives you by nature feel…

It became suddenly apparent.


Her innocence & shelter are what has always drawn me in as I’m sure you have your own connection as well. 

Bringing me to my point in this post.

Picking up trash my friends.


Two hands, a bag filled with god knows what, & a pair of gloves fresh out of the box helps to keep trash off the streets like a self-filler for a non-spiller.

Being that we are all a part of nature how can we heal if we can’t check ourselves by thinking it’s cool to actually throw an empty can out of a window?

That’s what really made me think.

What if we pick up outside & if picking up outside would that help heal within whether conscious of it or not?




Statum Layers (made using


Imagine digging on-site only to find some neat relics dating back hundreds of years & when viewing layers in the soil called substratum indicating far much older artifacts the deeper you dig come across a cigarette butt from about 20 years ago.

Not sure about you but would much rather think our ancestors had a brighter idea in living before leaving their relics behind like dust in the wind solidified.

 An unwavering facial in the remains of a ghoulie Gilmore Gaelic probably because of being buried under a damn cigarette butt.

As a super documentary viewer,  I’m not exact on the statistics but have a peculiarly strong attitude towards the reports being made on the latest on our climate change; its rising seawater & the effect it has on our ecosystem mixed with our ways in taking care of waste management. 

Nature is so innocent.

All she does for us & we are out here worrying about what the next man has. I mean C’mon! Just giving it to you as real as one would in person ya know?

Why not use our pairs in ones? Finding our common grounds in doing so can go a long way.

It be like doing the Cha-Cha & picking up litter say what?

Knowing it’s helping to clean our environments? 

For instance & not to go too side-tracked here but definitely on point to the motto of meaning in this current shitty field of current masks being wasted on the streets like never before in a million years would’ve thought we would see so many of our waste products being gloves & masks. lmao (& it’s really not funny because of the world we live in today? So much fear it’s like BE GONE!)

Ya think ya would want to buy products from the brands we have seen been sitting in a waste pit? Doesn’t that turn you off of the whole point behind the energy that’s being used to create/manufacture the products we enjoy buying for our very own well-achieved selfishness reward system?

For example…

Your walking to the store on a beautiful sunny day & almost stumble across an empty can laying in your path. UGH! yeah… UGH! 

Not only did ya almost trip but the brand is not looking its hottest when ya see the rust & some gooky shit laying amidst as if been sitting there for months.

The worst part about it is ya have a glove.

Yes, a glove,(more like be glove in the world we are living in today like a walking condom trying not to get a germ. smh) just one glove laying a couple of feet beside it ya can’t even use because you don’t know where it came from.  

So ya have a couple of choices → Recycle that shit.

Come with a bag on hand suitable to fit in a purse or a pocket with a pair of gloves & a mask if need be.

Pick it up & keep it moving. 

Apologies if this post doesn’t come off professional, however, finding it finer-tuned in speaking from a voice rather than in parameters of perfect appeal to it being a blog.

Moving forward back to our beautiful Gaia (Earth).

Recycling brand cans & products may bring pro-lucks.  It’s really that simple.

How much do we complain about all the waste we see when passing by yet don’t do a damn thing about it. Have we all really become that lazy? If there was ever a great time to take advantage of helping to bring litter to the grounds it was made for called the dump it would be now. 

We wouldn’t have those fun activities or social gatherings if it won’t for there having a place to do it correct? 

I’ll be thorough with it in that I would rather much be in social interaction with people whose goals are towards a common cause that can gain gratitudes in a more spiritual setting. 

Maybe next time when buying a six-pack of beer or a glass of wine think of ways that the containers can be used for so when we are done using them it can be like giving back to the companies that provide it for us. 

After all, it takes a lot of energy, effort, time, & money being used just to make those things that fulfill us internally to externally.

Just some food for thought.

Made a vowel that when I leave to go somewhere will be prepared.

If there are to be any grounds for commonality why not let it be carrying an extra trash bag in hand just in case.

That in my opinion is self-satisfying. 







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