FreeStyle Jogging & Smile

  • Comforts:

SoulFunds your soul with love,



high vibes,

surrendering bygones,

outdated griefs,



enduring pain & practical gain.


Where the hell is this going?

Ya ever read a blog with like zero direction (Medium grounds)with a damn headlight gleaming freestyle like a projection on a rock at night?

whether it’s the poetry, jog, or vibration that gives its own meaning.

This is one of those posts.

 Making your high lighter free color of choice a daily smile?

Because isn’t that really what it’s about?

High lighting your goodie-goods …


This is my writer’s block blog freestyle post.


 JOG! Writers’ freedom in touch with a reader’s digest for comforting times during chaotic worldy… happenings is like amazing.

~> the writer’s blockage poop shit fuck it sucks de-clogs…

This shall grant you a cheekbone-raised effect.

Moving forward my friends.



Your Never By Yourself SoulFunds Checklist

  • Denial:

Move on from another peer’s denial instead of tricking ourselves as if it’s you who is in denial. Deep.

Say what?

  • Lessons:

Don’t ever do that.

It’s like a ticket for others to take advantage of you.

 SoulFunds (fund yourself first).

We are never truly alone.

  • Misunderstood:

Have you ever felt so misunderstood as when in observation penetration ya see others trying to create their own reality of opinions about you? Maybe usually one who doesn’t jive to the letting it bother you if ya know ya’ on the right track however there will always be those hidden blessings of others who think they can rule your outcomes.


  • Love:

If love heals then why not let it be information of less battle & self. Always a believer in loving thy dark within to balance out the good eh? However if bad goes against good then where the fuck do you start? Is it like a rose garden & you weave the thorns into another pile & what do you do with that pile? You keep the pricks on the stem & look at the bloom. Plant new seeds & say an elevating prayer. That is the good overcoming the bad. & if we are not perfect what really is bad? It’s whatever holds you down & makes you feel like any step forward you take there is something causing you to take a step back. Love your dark & pain because it can be the very thing that jump sets you into another new venture-iss reality.


  • Confusion:

Still confused yet some of the energy I’ve been receiving here lately which then puts the self into an observational angle gently to bring the rise of ridding or slashing through anything that doesn’t acquire your own taste when drinking a cosmo, cool name eh? However just one please & for the show never yet for tasteful appetites in finding common grounds with o it is that doesn’t share what they are sincerely passionate about as a way to try & maneuver a one-up on anyone then think well since your thinking it knowing it’s only an observation then why


  • Reading:

Read some good books. We are a book after all. 


  • Hearing:

Listen with ears & see if the vibration coming doesn’t wanna make you run like hell or keep in tune a good conversation. Sometimes it’s us who run from social scenarios & if so maybe try to stick in there longer when listening. It really goes a long way to know when one has been heard.


  • Sharing:

Sharing is caring. 

While caring is 

Less tearing.


  • Allowing:

Allowing by letting things happen naturally like flow. Seeing beauty others have to offer.


  • Attacks:

Usually when someone thinks you’re trying to attack it’s a form of how they would go about things. Cowardly when realities health check pass is to look at a non-cowardness in them eh? To observe it & know what happening yet still choosing to see the bright side of another.


  • Attracts:

Attracting what you put out tends to be something that can also come back to us right? Well, what about those days where we are in our emotions & just angry for whatever reason? How does that come back when it’s put out? I’ve discovered along with many others that when finding ya know… inanimates for outpours it can be beneficial. 


  • Lacks:

What is it that you are lacking? Confidence in pursuing your dreams? Maybe feeling a lack of support yet knowing it’s always there once seen. It could be the body is just doing through a transitional phase in finding out what it is that works for you. This is where lacking can be a good thing. Sometimes lacking some shit only gives way to gardening your seeds as to see a new way of evolving ya never knew ya had within. See it’s only up to us to make maneuvers towards our own unique path. Be your own kind of influencer because it may be the very thing that activates something within someone else to unlock theirs. It’s truly magical.


  • Gains:

The knowing that when we are our own worst critic & stress over the things we no longer have control over why not gain momentum in surrendering what we can not change & allow let be everything to just happen. It shows all the marvelous wonders we do take for granted is not always seeing it.

TO FUND YOUR SHIT.  Life is short. Make it worth your while & if you know you put effort behind it in at least trying then that is what counts my friends. It’s like a subway bus to the next staircase location climbing up to a cliff mount & enjoying the clouds in sunny views.



an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.


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