First and foremost what are boundaries & why bring a trash bag with it? Well, that’s purely our choice.

According to the Dictionary, it’s a limit of a subject or sphere of activity.





a Trash Bag



What boundaries.

Do we need boundaries?

Do I need boundaries?

And what exactly is the correct amount of boundary space?

Do we calculate it in absorption rate?

Nah. Way too much.

Do we just ‘trust it’ while standing in our power? Yes sorta. There is a bit more vivacity to go along with it.

As long as we aren’t walking into another’s space with intent to kick punch. OW(l)!

 ‘kick punching’?

Yes. Ya know like forcing everyone shit back at them? Ouch! That is not the way for sure. Maybe more in line of throwing our own into a can would be a better brilliance to the beat of our own drum.


Are we doing it out of our own bounds or someone else’s?

How do we determine an accurate measure of distance between our own gwappy mess & another?

Where does it go & how can it be resolved without over dominating another space?

For one, it’s never a good idea to be in isolation from others too long for that can create illusions our chemicals do not need as it is always trying to naturally make room for new things right? It’s just up to us to realize our vessel is a growth factor ready to evolve like the very flowers that lay within our fields. 

So maybe to ‘kick-punch’ those residuals within us no longer needed for us to move on to a new juncture in life.

What are your thoughts about ways in ridding gunk no longer needed within our system asides from purifying the body? 

If it’s gwap of other people’s shit swimming around to remember point it out & do not feed it.


That would be like allowing it to come into our zone which clearly isn’t a go-to method of internal extension.



Ever feel like some of the attributes that make us who we are aren’t fully being embraced or seen?

Trapped in a cool net somewhere being riddled over time with ignorance or at worst carved out by others without giving the go?

 Better yet may not even realize it is stuck in the muscle memory of the acts we carry on from day to night.

We carry our own signatures of our very own special attributes providing us with character. Have it stand out!

As a believer in the beyond of what we may or may not fully understand can you deny that there is a part of us scuba diving a molecular cha~cha just waiting for you to express it? 

Personal Space

Shit can be bad or good.

Are we letting on an excess amount of shit into your personal space? 

Maybe because we don’t like letting others down. Maybe we don’t care what they think which sadly is the way to be when we have to focus on ourselves in order to heal or refill cups needing attention. B/c if your getting a return of feeling drained from others there is something very wrong with that.

It means we definitely are not crazy my friends if you have ever felt this. Trusting our body.

When working on our boundaries we can deal with the same kinda return of force fire which comes from a few variables.  

Changing our style can throw others off when we are used to being a certain way for so long.

There are also times when another may be of kind gestures however their nature happens to cross forces with ours & either cause triggers, drainage, or unexpected out letting. Just know when enough is enough & keep it moving right. They did nothing wrong because it’s not about others now is it?

It’s about knowing our own boundaries & their limits.

Be You

Are you being the most exclusive you that you can be without putting too much thought into it?

Just flowing with it?

What is flow? That’s the trust it factor.

After putting in vitality of listening, accepting, adapting, & letting go may it be a recipe for releasing our own shit into a can.

May it marinate for change & recycle into dust.

Our boundaries aren’t limited when going inside. It’s when we repell after sets of discerning factors setting way for creating relief.

Alas! Starting to view ourselves in an agreeing light.


These are some of the questions I would ask myself in addition to learning about boundaries & when it’s truly okay to be like fuck it or fuck off.




We all do it.

Get caught up in each other’s web at times & we have to separate what is & isn’t us.

If there are things you don’t like about ourselves we must work through it.

Never skip, dismiss, ignore, or justify our bodies crave for fix.

Also don’t allow it to mirror of another. We have your own gifts. Find them.

We get so wrapped up in outside patterns over long periods of years that maybe sometimes we feel or forget what we truly want for ourselves.

It takes having to cut off the very thing(s) that motivates us at times in order for broader visuals to unrelay it’s true potential. That may sound retrograde however I’ve found it to be a great lesson.

 So whether it’s towards things or people to looking towards planting healthier seeds.

So why not grab you a cup of your delicious any-damn thing & take a seat while we go over another uplifting topic!

Fuck off or Not

 kindly telling others to fuck off.

Honestly, couldn’t come up with an opposing viewpoint while working on our own boundaries. In other words it’s okay to do that my friend.

For example, another comes in proximity & has a very over domineering energy. Let’s face it. We live in a world with a lot of very unique elemental signatures.  It’s also true that there are people who don’t know when or how they step on others.  haha not realizing vibe they just got for free lift was ya just stole bitch. haha can’t get angry; we need to know our own space. 

No quarrels let’s grow together type of ordeal.

Kindly say something or walk away. If another can’t see where you are coming from sometimes ya just gotta tell them to F off so maybe they will wake up or at least get an understanding in how they are moving. 


How do we even act within a circle of others without overstepping their boundaries let alone our own?

To know that their thoughts are only there’s & not ours.  We may get so used to being around ones we end up starting to think like them. It becomes a cultural affair. Slim one of course.  Create something within our own bubble. It gets to be an interesting picture. 

Try looking at it from their view without too much input as well. 

Maybe do a nod & express your own thoughts.

May sound Kindergarten but the sad truth is kids seem to have a better head on their shoulders than us adults during times of disrupted turbulence.

I guess because life isn’t always simple. 

Building our boundaries & doing it with care.




an only child; 35-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh) who sends Pivot-Poof~Blowing Hearts like a Universal rush of radiFied sour sweet winds. Passionately so. It's in the humored nuances that bring a brighter side to life in my opinion. The Power comes from courage, triumphs, falls, & lifts. May your day be a blessed one & filled with a smile.


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