The etymology of the word ~> SoulFunds <~ derives from thee creative, yet! And I quote~> In all avenues of Respect… ‘eccentrically unorthodox’ mind of none other than I, Nichole Oliver.

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Egos? when it’s with a side of bacon


when it’s Internally spinach in a We Can.  in light of a sound force of confidence, balanced within realm(s) of Creative•Thought•Type•Expression

→THEE understanding;  in other areas of °Human°Natural°Abilities my strong confidence(s) do indeed lack.

⇩⇩(ㅇㅅㅇ) ⇩⇩

Back to SoulFunds…
The exhausted, yet overly used unbroken duo;
Continually remain to be a wide-spread choice for a majority of  “egotisticals”. However, existing on a plain of  conscious & subconscious, it’s clearly a m∆tter in which struggles to stand on its own wobbled entanglement.  Misunderstanding being THEE prime culprit.  In an overall evolving linear involvement in its purest origin, it pertains  forms of hope,  currency hypnosis,  etc.   Over all blinding most by its disillusioned math, but let me NOT tempt to fully sidetrack you.  
With the birth [smiling b/c hell, it’s healthy] of •°SoulFunds°•, it can be broken down, so let’s put on our scuba gear, just for the “thrill” of it! And we will take a deep dive into the Abyss of its true meaning… ⇊(•ᴗ•)❤ ⇊ SOUL: know the Soul is separate from Spirit (highest on a vibrational level) has the very essence of everything that remains attached deeply within you; which is YOU. WHO you are; contrarily, who are you(?)… Truth ƪ(‾.‾“)┐ FUND(S): the True wealth of your Soul. Whatever that may be, lies in the subconscious/conscious of all individuals for sake of authentic bliss; no matter its circumstance. Once activated if not already done so; will THEN! your soul truly is funded and THAT! is when true SoulFunds(financial freedom) is truly understood. SIDE NOTE: ->activated<- An overly used word indeed; not in part and not really in whole either, but let’s go with… a LARGE sum of SOULS who abide by our current esoterical generation of spiritual “awareness”, aw, awesomeness, now, and want…wanting…urge…urging for THEE spiritual WAKE-UP. Essentially needed; A must! EXAMPLE: It’s like YOGA being the “THING”, the “TALK”, the WORD!
Wind the actuality of the reality boils down to a sizeable amount of SOULS whom incorrectly performing one of the most reputable ancient arts. Much <3 Nichole ~just a 32-year-young-redheaded-Scorpio/Mayan imix passionate about spreading unique positive Thank You!

Awesomeness & after a long swim in ‘thee’ Abyss, School for Archaeology was um (oHm) nah-tuh timely fit as once thought. Howlever, Anthropology feels more in curious bells of Ping.  Always had a Cogneeshish way of feeling better than no one & is swimming in constant daily quests towards finding true SoulFunds.



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